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Full Version: Why shall everyone use referral links?
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In most of the cases (with few exceptions like dish network, Rebtel, etc) new user who uses a referral link do not get any additional bonus for using the referral link. So, why shall any new user bother to use your referral link if he/she do not benefit from the same. Except in scenarios when referral link give better signup bonus then joining directly without any.

Here is the reason why?

All these companies that are selling products out there are making millions and billions of dollars. Either way they will make money, if you use referral link or if you dont use referral link. For big companies, they are ready to pay 2/5/10$, etc referral bonus if someone gives them business.
But if you use referral link, someone like you will get some bonus cash/discount from the vendor. So, its your call if you want to help someone like you make some money/bonus cash/discount by referring you or no.

Basically, If you use referral link you just help people like you earn referral bonus.

So start sharing/using referral links here.

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